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Consider all the electronics that have ever played a role in your life: the tiny television with a VCR player that served as a sedative for long, family road trips; your brother’s first video game console; your mom’s ancient fax machine, printer, and scanner in her home office; the monitor you were given at your first job, intended to make you as efficient as possible; an infinite amount of consumer electronic devices that would inevitably be throw away, only to be replaced by the latest and greatest invention.

Now, think of where those electronics might be now…at age 14, you would have no way of knowing that your bedazzled flip phone would one day be forgotten and tossed into a landfill, or perhaps, if it’s lucky, remembered in a vintage shop honoring the early 2000’s. Fortunately, landfills are not the only place for e-waste! While every company produces some amount of electronic waste, few companies have comprehensive and forward thinking plans for dealing with their trash.

A stack of old DVDs – Electronic Waste products of an industry that has moved to different technology. How many DVD’s do you think sit in landfills today?

For technology and manufacturing companies, dealing with trash is an endless cycle. A race to the top to keep up with the greatest advancements, to create new models and solve the same problems, but with more speed, better user interface, more capabilities.

Do you remember the days of DVD? Friday nights, begging your parents to drive down to the local Redbox so you could rent a small, compact disc that held the latest Hollywood film – these days, we can live-stream the same movies from our smart TVs.

Innovation is an infinite loop: Redbox was once a novel idea but now movie-watchers can live-stream from their smart tv’s. It is inevitable for inventions to evolve – it is human nature; rather than focus on the ‘next best thing’, what if companies focused on the material’s life-cycle? While all companies can compete by generating more and more, the main differentiator between a good and excellent company is how they manage their waste.

The hard truth of manufacturing and technology companies is that in order to ‘keep up’, they need to produce what the market demands, which unfortunately creates a large environmental footprint. However, excellent technology companies reduce new resource consumption by adopting advanced waste management plans that properly dispose of e-waste and recycle materials back into the supply chain.

These companies actively work to minimize waste through waste audits and always have the goal of sustainable resource recycling. Excellent companies support the circular economy.

Showing examples of electronic waste

An Individual Sorting Electronic Waste – Stacking Old TV Monitors.

Leading electronics manufacturers, companies like Kyocera, manage industrial waste from the viewpoint of ‘resource recycling’, which means: evaluate the amount of industrial waste discharged, the unit cost of industrial waste treatment, and the risks of treatment contractors at our production sites.

Manufacturing and technology companies that focus on recycling resources back into the supply chain are not only supporting environmental stewardship, but are making a statement when it comes to tech equity – the more we can recycle, the more that can be made available to all.

Smart Waste is a company focused on these problems. As an R2 recycler Smart Waste is certified to responsibly handle all electronic waste. This is a critical component for manufacturing and technology companies: it saves them money by recycling resources back into the supply chain, and also allows them to operate in a way that is equitable. 

By implementing a strong waste management plan, either internally or outsourcing with a company like Smart Waste, organizations are able to strategically align with the circular economy, save money longterm, and be responsible stewards of our environment.

If being environmentally responsible is a high priority for your business, and you know you can do a better job but aren’t sure what to do next – Speak With Smart Waste about your Electronic Waste Management Strategy! Save money, Save The Environment – & Be responsible with your electronic waste.


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With over 60 years of combined industry knowledge and experience, the team at Smart Waste is well-positioned to manage your organization’s waste management needs from start to finish. 

Avoid contamination fees & keep your company in compliance, while joining other forward-thinking companies in the circular economy. Book a meeting to learn more about what you can do to properly deal with your waste!

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