Circular Economy and Art – Discover your Sustainability Alter Ego with Viridescent 

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Trash Magic enchanted their audience in the latest podcast with Chance Thompson, Co-Founder and the Chief Design Officer for VIRIDESCENT. As ‘The Designer,’ Chance embodies his role by creating a platform that leverages circularity, art, and science to support sustainable economic development for future generations. 

The goal of VIRIDESCENT is to regenerate culture, business, and our economy with circular design principles; the company does this by creating the VIRIVERSE, an immersive platform designed to support and inspire the sustainability champions of the world. This sustainable reality consists of change-makers wielding circularity, art, and science to write a formula for the very best of humanity. The VIRIVERSE is built to value people, planet, profit, and partnership equally; this empowers the user to create a more inclusive society and, ultimately, a better humanity. The goal is to take the lessons learned in the VIRIVERSE to help solve climate. Accessing the portal to this alternative reality can be found through Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse, or by joining a VIRIDESCENT workshop!

During the interview, Chance described the importance of creativity when developing sustainable solutions: 

Change-makers need to feel like heroes; they need healthy inspiration on a daily basis to access the portal into the viriverse.  

The effort required to Sustainability allows present generations to meet their own needs without compromising the ability of future generations. To make Sustainability possible, VIRIDESCENT creates a platform of purpose for the individual and their community, giving way to a balanced system of social equity, environmental stewardship, economic redevelopment, and overall human health. VIRIDESCENT’s goal is to create an immersive sustainability world through various mediums. Creation comes from immersive exercises, consulting, culture development, workshops, and events. 


Another method is to create a sustainability alter ego-building from a set of questions: 

  1. What is your favorite animal or an animal you connect with and why? 
  2. What is your favorite natural element (wind, fire, rocks, flowers, etc.)?
  3. What is your sustainability beacon (a north star which inspires the change-maker)? 




    Oakley’s Sustainability alter-ego; The Connector.


    Sara’s Sustainability alter-ego; The Protector



Trash Magic hosts, Oakley and Sara, spoke with Chance about their own “Sustainability Alter Ego’s”, exploring how VIRIDESCENT uses technology to enact change and make it fun, creative, and effective. By creating a sustainability alter ego, the change-maker is empowered to live out their sustainability beacon to the best of their ability. With the support of the VIRIVERSE, they can apply creative applications to work in the real world. Although the realities of climate change and environmental destruction are a dark and dismal reality, the VIRIVERSE gives people hope. Through science, technology, art, and creativity, VIRIDESCENT is inspiring a cultural revolution. 



Imagine a world where streets are few and bike paths are plenty. The roads are lined with trees and vegetation. Windmills stand tall between buildings, and every rooftop has a solar array. People walk to neighborhood stores to pick up fresh produce, grown from a local garden or farm. Hummingbirds zoom and bees buzz, healthy and happy as they pollinate the plants that our sustainable society needs to survive. The sky is clear and blue; the city is clean. 


The Artwork of Jessica Perlstein 

We all want a world where Sustainability is at the forefront of our lives; a place where clean air, energy, food, and water are accessible to all; a world built on a circular economy that supports environmental regeneration, rather than destruction. Our current world, however, is so different from what is possible; to remove this barrier, we can imagine what our sustainable future will look like in order to make it a reality.


Here is all the information for registering for the Change Maker Workshop, discovering your own Sustainability Alter Ego, and more!

Become an “Origin Change-maker” in the #VIRIVERSE Immersive Sustainability Workshops More information & registration found here. Note that we are offering a unique “Pay What You Can Price” for this series. *We stand for an equitable world and have had enough with money being a barrier to opportunity, so we offer flex pay! For any questions, reach out to Chance AKA The Designer @ Viridescent is working on a website, but for now, the best place to plug into the #VIRIVERSE is by subscribing to our weekly email experience… Click the first link @ Socials: Our main content hub is on WONDR (a social learning space for Sustainability!) #VIRIVERSE ♾ Page Other active socials: #VIRIVERSE ♾ on YouTube Chance Thompson on LinkedIn @viridescent us on Instagram Immersive Sustainability Club on Clubhouse


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