Need help managing your
organization’s waste stream?

Technology is a ubiquitous force within businesses. 

For a moment, consider the depth of IT at your company: hardware, software, storage, networks, infrastructure, data centers – the list is infinite. Technology is needed to hit business objectives, and without investing in the right technology, businesses will get left behind.

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Smart Waste is Certified by the following organizations:

We help organizations manage their waste management needs.

If you want a full-service, turn-key solution for materials management, Smart Waste is the perfect company for you. We offer a full suite of services to help you select and implement a program that meets your customers’ needs and goals. From construction and demolition waste to universal waste, we make managing your organization’s waste quick and easy. We offer the following services:

Waste Management




Why Choose Smart Waste?

We care about saving businesses money 

As a MWOB, we are also built on the tenets of sustainability, equity, and environmental health. We view waste management within the context of a circular economy. 

Cost-effective consulting services

Our team has supported a variety of organizations over the years, from Fortune 500 companies and construction leaders to schools and municipalities worldwide

We manage your waste from start to finish.

We measure and limit greenhouse gas emissions based on the size of your business, and we provide a wide array of waste services – nearly 30 – to support your company’s needs.

Start your journey to a more sustainable waste management solution.