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With our comprehensive recycling and waste management services, we can help your business reduce its environmental footprint, meet sustainability goals, and contribute to a more sustainable future

SmartWaste Services

We want to be your partner in comprehensive recycling and waste management solutions. Our mission is to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint and meet sustainability goals through effective and efficient recycling and waste management practices.


We provide a wide range of recycling services, including paper, plastic, glass, and metal recycling. We also offer specialized recycling services for electronics, batteries, and other hazardous materials.

Waste Management

We offer a variety of waste management services, including waste collection, transportation, and disposal. We also provide composting and food waste management solutions for businesses in the food service industry.


We provide customized consulting services to help businesses understand their waste streams, identify areas for improvement, and develop a comprehensive recycling and waste management plan.


Gain the insights you need to improve your garbage sorting, stop costly and wasteful habits, and ensure your company aligns with regional and national regulations.

Service You Can Trust

SmartWaste is Certified by the following organizations:


As a MWOB, we are also built on the tenets of sustainability, equity, and environmental health. We view waste management within the context of a circular economy. 

Our team has supported a variety of organizations over the years, from Fortune 500 companies and construction leaders to schools and municipalities worldwide.

We measure and limit greenhouse gas emissions based on the size of your business, and we provide a wide array of waste services – nearly 30 – to support your company’s needs.

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