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Innovate your waste management and recycling initiatives
Save money and ensures compliance, all while protecting the earth for future generations

Who We Work With

Smart Waste Supports a variety of industries with waste management plans and compliance audits, as well as initiating zero-waste programs that focus on commercial recycling. With our industry knowledge, vendor management capabilities, and equipment fee reductions, Smart Waste will help you move your waste in the right direction.

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What We Do

We handle every aspect of your waste management plan, from equipment leases to full program implementation for waste sorting, recycling, hauling, and trash removal.
Tap our 60 year of combined expertise on equipment, educational advice on zero waste programs, and more to ensure your waste management is in compliance and makes a difference the first time.
Gain the insights you need to improve your garbage sorting, stop costly and wasteful habits, and ensure your company aligns with regional and national regulations.
Recycling is more than just sorting paper and glass, that’s why we leverage the most advanced waste technology to ensure compost and commercial recycling plans are optimized and compliant.
Utilizing multiple waste vendors is not only time consuming, but it puts a strain on facility budgets. Smart Waste will recommend the best and most cost-efficient vendors and manage your business's entire process, including plan development, tenant billing, and clean up services.
From IoT sensors and compactor sensors, to trash bots and run dynamic route planning, we utilized the power of innovation to make your business or smart city initiatives optimized for time and cost savings.
The most effective waste management efforts educate and connect with their communities. We will help you plan and implement programs to make your waste activities comprehensive and long-lasting.
Join the more than 300,000 organizations worldwide holding ISO 14001 certifications for environmental management systems with our expert guidance.

Who We Are

Smart Waste is both women and minority-owned and managed. With over 60 years of combined industry knowledge and experience, the team at Smart Waste is well-positioned to manage your organization’s waste management needs from start to finish. Our team has supported a variety of organizations over the years, from Fortune 500 companies and construction leaders to school districts and municipalities worldwide.


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