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Technology is a ubiquitous force within businesses.

For a moment, consider the depth of IT at your company: hardware, software, storage, networks, infrastructure, data centers – the list is infinite. Technology is needed to hit business objectives, and without investing in the right technology, businesses will get left behind.

Within the space of information technology (IT), businesses get ahead of the curve by employing best management practices which include two programs: Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD).

Investing upfront in a third-party consultant or company that can help manage IT assets is one of the smartest things you can do, not only for your waste management program but also for your business.

Environmental and Financial Benefits of ITAM and ITAD

A successful business will outlive the lifespan of the technology they use; therefore, it is vital to have effective solutions in place to manage IT assets. As we evolve, IT evolves. A business can operate only as effectively as all the moving parts, which includes technology.

As the tech advances and businesses gain better control over their IT assets, they will have more money to invest in smarter tech. For example, an advanced waste management program might involve the use of IoT sensors, compactor sensors, trash bots, and software that runs dynamic route planning. While these devices and programs will save you money and are beneficial for the environment, they further expand the list of IT assets that must be managed.

While the implementation of smart technology will help push our society forwards and build a cleaner world, this will only be possible if a company gains control over its IT assets. ITAM and ITAD solve these problems by empowering businesses with advanced IT programs and proactive waste management solutions.

Effective waste management programs are increasingly beneficial to our environment: as better technology is invented, we are able to recycle more things. We are able to keep resources in the supply chain, and this is made possible through waste management audits and ITAM. ITAM enables your business to optimize workflows by upgrading old equipment and knowing which systems are slowing you down.

Old equipment can be energy hogs. They can run slower and thus, slow down the productivity of your employees. Research shows that businesses who implement ITAD and ITAM programs have lower operating costs: Efficiency studies also indicate that for some ICT infrastructure components there is still a substantial saving potential, especially user-side equipment, such as computers and monitors…. technology innovation regarding energy efficiency improvements does not seem to be able to cope with the growing energy demand (Energy Use Implications of ICT Hardware, Lund University).

As stated above, companies who refresh their IT equipment on a regular basis optimize business to the greatest capacity. From an environmental perspective, ITAM is vital in understanding your impact on the energy grid and lowering energy consumption. This environmental impact is reflected financially; the cost of energy will continue to rise. We see this happening, year over year. If you want your business to grow, you have to get a better understanding of your IT investments and the impact it has on the energy grid.

In terms of disposing of the IT assets that are no longer needed, ITAD is necessary for businesses to positively impact the environment by keeping resources in the supply chain and/or properly disposing of them through R2 certified practices.

ITAM and ITAD Enables Smarter Waste Management

Smart Waste approaches ITAM and ITAD from a holistic perspective. We care about saving businesses money – but we are also built on the tenets of sustainability, equity, and environmental health. We view waste management within the context of a circular economy. We believe that through remarking programs or auctions, ITAD can empower individuals with access to technology not previously possible. Without ITAM, businesses will not have full autonomy over their IT assets, and will not be able to run as efficiently as possible.

In order to stay relevant as a business and make a positive impact on the world, having a smart waste management system with programs like ITAM and ITAD will help you to have control over your tech, rather than letting IT control your business decisions.


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